About Us

My name is Jacqui, originally imported from the UK many years ago. I first fell in love with the German Shepherd breed, in those days we called them Alsatians, when I was four years old. We lived in a very quiet cul-de-sac in Stevenage in Hertfordshire.

My mother told me the story how I had managed to let myself out of the front door. We lived in a two story semi detached home and my mother was upstairs in the bedroom looking out of the window. She saw me cross the road and go straight up to a very badly kempt and skinny German Shepherd. He was fossicking in the bin looking for food. Me being the animal lover kid had no hesitation going up to the large GSD male and put my arms around his neck giving him a cuddle. You can imagine my mother froze in horror as she visions of me to be attacked. Luckily no this was not the case as I continued cuddling the dog and all was well.

A few years later a couple in our street purchased a beautiful long coat German shepherd called Axel, he was huge and very dark. I would regularly go to their house to play with him. Mother was not too happy about it but I still went to see him.

Our old bitza, Nikki, sadly passed away when I was 15 years old. I begged my parents to get a German Shepherd. My request fell on deaf ears and we ended up purchasing two Beagles from two different kennels and my parents started showing them every year attending the prestigious Crufts Dog Show in Wembley. I had the task of showing them in the ring and we did very well. My parents then decided to breed under the name JAMAGI, from memory we had two litters which in my parents minds was enough for them. They did not realise the hard work that goes into breeding.

My passion for a German Shepherd never dies.

Once I emigrated to Australia and was living in my own home I finally purchased my first German Shepherd - Volscaro Dynamik Boy bred by Lorraine Pearson - Jaxon was born on 12.11.1989. I can honestly say he taught me everything I needed to know how to train and control a large very stubborn male GSD. He was full of hormones and bad attitude and manners. At the age of 14 months I thought perhaps I should train him, hmmm on reflection that should of been at 12 weeks of age. Well that really was the ride of my life, he was big, strong, stubborn, did not like other dogs and definitely was not a fan of obedience. However with perseverance, lots of guidance and training I ended up with the most beautiful, loyal and loving dog I could ever of wished for.

We were one trial short of gaining our Companion Dog Title, if only he had not moved on the down stay he would of passed with flying colours. It was not meant to be and I had other ideas. The next adventure was showing, that was heaps of fun. We were always last or almost in every show. He was always praised for his praiseworthy head and expression. His hips were scored 0:0 which is the best you could get. Elbows at that time were not in the GSDCA scheme. Jaxon was Breed Survey Class II which was still a pass and I was over the moon that he had come so far. He was entered into Open Dog and was always graded Very Good and the first dog behind the Excellent graded dogs. We showed for a few more years and Jaxon retired passing away 6 weeks short of his 14th birthday. Jaxon never had any offspring but he was my first and best German Shepherd who really did teach me the passion for the Breed.

Getting obedience right!

In 1992 I purchased Ubermacht Red Tulip, Kaylah. She was a beautiful grey sable with a huge personality. She was born 08.08.1992. A tall girl standing on the upper limit of size. As I had already tested the show scene it was the next step to learn how to handle, double handle and prepare show dogs. This was not for the faint hearted you had to be fit and dedicated.

Obedience was the first with Kaylah, she too disliked other dogs and we were always put to one end of the class. She learned obedience very quickly and sailed through her classes. In the State Breed exhibition in 1994 I entered Kaylah in Intermediate show class where she came 3rd with a lovely critique and Class two obedience which we passed with flying colours and winning. Much to my surprise we won Top Show and Obedience Junior Trophy. You could not get the smile off my face as I proudly took the huge Trophy home. Those were the years when we could take the big Trophies home. The next year I brought it back and received a smaller Trophy as a memento. It was a thrill to see Kaylah's name and mine engraved on a badge and put on the Trophy. If ever you attend the GSDA of WA have a look at the perpetual trophy cabinet, you will see it.

Kaylah had a good hip score and she was Breed surveyed Class 1. She was successfully shown in numerous shows gaining her Excellent medallions. I ventured to Melbourne one year to The National. Kaylah was up against about 80 other bitches in the Open Class and she was one of the youngest some were 2 to 4 years older than her. Still we both proudly went into the ring as I was handling her. We were the only female that was moved up 5 places from the original start placing. That was amazing passing that many dogs. We finished about 55th but we still achieved a National Excellent medallion which is all I ever wanted.

The next chapter began in 1994.

I had a beautiful bitch on breeders terms with Larry and Sue Woollard, called Iccara Intymate (Ty) who had a litter brother that I purchased called Iccara Intrepid (Trep). I was in partnership with Roy Davies. These two siblings were alot of fun and always won there class. Sometimes they would have to be in the run offs together and most of the time Trep would beat Ty.

As I wanted to go ahead with my dream of breeding the prefix name Shaygar was formed. The rest is history my foundation bitch Kaylah and my stud dog Trep produced 7 gold sable puppies. One of which was Shaygar Chanel, first generation and now I am up to 6th generation on the ground.